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The bouquet
The Chocolate treat
Valentines day heart
The angry lover
the happy lover
The Divorce package
The mariage package
An ongoing affair
A hosting date
the Blind date
the first kiss
more kiss
no kis
yo kiss
Baby Bear hosting includes:
Quality co-location
Monthy investment - $31

Bear Angel Hosting Deals

In Rupert South Dakota there is the loving bear festival going back to 1933, couples give each other litte white bears that symbolize their sharing of the honey of love. Inspired by this festival we created the Bear Angel Hosting deals.

Papa Bear. The robust hosting of the Papa Bear package provides you with a loving gift to your business that ensures success!

Mama Bear. Everyone remembers the kindess of mama. The caring hsoting of the Mama Bear package provides you with a gift to your business that is a constant remnder of caring ensuring positive growth of your business.

Baby Bear. Everyone loves baies and you business is your baby. So nurture your baby and insure that your baby grows big and helathy.

Goldilocks. What kind of family of bears would be without a Goldilocks. A custom package so that you can get things "just right". rates will naturally vary.

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